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Solutions for Associations, Inc. (SFA) is pleased to offer total management services to its clients, acting as the headquarters office, running the day-to-day administrative operations, offering managerial guidance and advice, and providing a wide range of expertise and experience to help its clients run their associations.  Our staff has significant experience in running every facet of an association, from Human Resources management to budgeting, from committee staffing to meeting management.

Following please find a partial listing of activities and accomplishments in various areas of association management. 


Leader/Member Interaction
Financial Management
Policy Development
Strategic Planning
Meeting Management
Public Affairs
Staff Management
Website Development
Social Media


1. staffed major committees in an association environment, including Executive Committees, Boards of Trustees, Government Relations Committees, Economic and General Welfare Committees, Political Action Committees, Ethics and Grievances Committees, Membership Development Committees, and Long Range Planning Committees;
2. created, staffed, and undertook fundraising for a 501(c)(3) foundation;
3. interacted with Boards of Trustees for large (over 240,000 member); medium-sized (over 25,000 member); and small (2000-6000 member) associations; and
4. worked in the field extensively (over 40% of the time as a Field Representative) with association members, representing the association, answering questions, accepting criticisms, and stimulating membership.



1. computerized the budgeting process and allowed more flexibility to anticipate various scenarios and their budgetary impact;
2. developed and implemented annual operating budgets ranging from $120,000 to $800,000 within a 1% variance;
3. produced a 15% positive variance of actual over budgeted income for an association, and a 21.7% positive variance in actual over budgeted income;
4. in one year, increased a society's dues income by 23.2%; increased its publications sales by 140.3%; and reduced overall expenses by 30.3%; and
5. improved the financial performance of a society by 95.5% in a one-year period.



1. researched and analyzed issues; developed substantive reports for the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates on a variety of issues, including enhancing AMA leadership opportunities, demographic characteristics of the House of Delegates, organizational structure, and physician and public opinion;
2. prepared and published the AMA Policy Compendium (a hard copy version of the AMA policy database of over three thousand policies);
3. developed computerized search software for the AMA policy database;
4. prepared and published a primer on developing resolutions to be considered by the AMA House of Delegates;
5. prepared all background materials for the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Executive Committee and Governing Body; and
6. prepared all policy materials for the Society for Ambulatory Care Professionals (SACP) Board of Directors.



1. developed a strategic plan for a society and accomplished its objectives within a sixteen month period of time; and
2. developed a planning process and computerized strategic planning grid for a society which resulted in a highly focused society plan to improve its financial performance and meet its member obligations for both the short and long term.



1. instituted a targeted membership recruitment effort for a major association in the health care industry, including needs assessment, strategy development, implementation, and evaluation, resulting in a turnaround in membership from a loss of 1400 to a gain of 1200 in one year;
2. conducted focus sessions with members/non-members as a facilitator resulting in the identification of specific agendas for change and mutually acceptable strategies to achieve those changes;
3. created a membership recruitment program for a society which resulted in a 15.0% increase in membership in one year; and
4. developed a membership retention and recruitment program for a society which resulted in a 9.1% increase in membership in eighteen months. 



1. staffed the largest convention in one association's history (over twice the registrants as the next largest meeting), and developed: (a) the registration software, (b) monitoring reports, and (c) computer-generated follow-up letters and confirmations; and
2. performed all major activities related to meeting management, including site selection, agenda preparation, speaker research, registration, material preparation, audio-visual material preparation, and program evaluation.



1. established federal and state legislative/regulatory monitoring and reporting systems, resulting in timely information dissemination and policy evaluation;
2. planned, implemented and evaluated an effective association Government Relations program, resulting in the establishment of a new federal nurse anesthetist traineeship program; the defeat of onerous Medicare conditions of participation for nurse anesthetists; and the modification of thirty-eight state Nurse Practice Acts/State Boards' of Nursing rules and regulations;
3. created and staffed a political action committee, including preparation of the charter, bylaws, and filing of the requisite Federal Election Commission documents;
4. supervised a contract lobbyist in Washington, D.C.;
5. successfully opposed harmful changes proposed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) on behalf of the AAPI;
6. successfully amended New Jersey regulations producing a positive change for International Medical Graduates seeking licensure in that state; and
7. successfully opposed the implementation of onerous regulations on home health agencies for the SACP.



1. supervised staffs of up to twenty-five people;
2. created an office performance appraisal system, resulting in a concrete measure of performance comparable across all positions in an office of thirty people;
3. wrote and administered office personnel policies, clarifying job benefits and responsibilities for an office of thirty people; and
4. developed an office salary structure through the factor analysis method, resulting in the creation of an equitable salary scheme for an office of thirty people.



1. spoke to groups of up to three hundred on a variety of association issues;
2. conducted training seminars on labor relations, legislation, and politics;
3. was a highly rated instructor for the Certified Association Executive Study Program sponsored by the Association Forum of Chicagoland; and
4. was a highly rated instructor at the 1997 Forum Spring Educational Conference.



1. designed, distributed, and analyzed association surveys, resulting in documented needs analyses,
2. evaluations of association activities, and program modifications leading to more effective membership and policy activities (including preparing the first ever needs assessment in AAPI history); and
3. developed computer programs in BASIC and SHAZAM to evaluate distributed surveys. 




  1. developed and managed websites for multiple clients;
  2. worked with outside vendors on behalf of clients for complex website implementations; and
  3. developed and managed registration websites for multiple clients.




  1. consulted on social media strategy;
  2. created social media accounts and posted content for clients; and
  3. coordinated volunteer involvement in association social media programs.




  1. published quarterly newsletters with circulations from 4,800 to 122,000;
  2. written a monthly news column for an association newspaper with a circulation of approximately 25,000;
  3. edited and written articles for the professional journal of a medium-sized association and the newsletter of a small association;
  4. managed, designed, laid out, and produced a peer reviewed clinical scientific journal with a circulation of approximately 4,500 on a quarterly basis;
  5. worked with professional publishing houses on the production of professional peer reviewed journals; and
  6. prepared the data, designed, and published hard copy and on-line Membership Directories for our clients.


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